When it comes to rich media, there is no one size fits all. Unfortunately, many of the so called, “solutions” available, make the one-size-fits-all approach seem like the only option. And many of the largest vendors in this space don’t have answers for the biggest challenges.

In today’s ever changing internet environment, where new technologies, platforms and approaches come along every week, many recognize the need to continuously evaluate which ones are being utilized and why. The biggest challenge isn’t whether or not there’s desire to utilize rich media. Rather, its, “Once I’ve got my rich media created, what do I do with it? Where does it live? What’s the best and/or easiest way for my audience to access it? How can I keep it secure? What’s the right solution(s)? And Can I afford the solutions I need?”

For most, its the end user experience that’s the driver. Things like security, seemless integration to existing web properties and platforms, easy authentication, cross platform/device/browser compatibility and in some cases, pay-wall or monetization capabilities are where the rubber meets the road. And for many, the very fact that the internet is changing means, above all, there’s a significant need for flexibility.

Customers need to be able to host content on the most ideal platform for their users. Which means, they will need to move that content at some point. Proprietary rich media creation and hosting solutions tend to be restrictive and aren’t ideal.

Finding vendors that take a consultative approach is often a very good choice. Start with lots of questions (they should be asking you the questions). Then seek to identify key drivers and possible limiting factors for your organization. For example, some companies are committed to long term technology platform leases they can’t get out of but still need to integrate newer technologies.

Many “common” solutions aren’t right for every customer. In fact, our solutions aren’t right for every customer. Specifically, our Presentation Capture HD solution isn’t right for the largest segment of the market (higher education). But its ideal for the live event market.

Start by working with your team and possibly your technology vendor to create a scope of work that’s specific to your organizations needs and relevant to its current infrastructure.

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