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Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Have to Get Our Powerpoint & Keynote Decks to You in Advance?

No. There’s nothing you need to do in advance, on our behalf. You can focus on running your conference the way you always have, we’ll take care of the rest.

How Much Time Do You Need to Setup Your Gear?

We’d like to have at least 4 hours. However, we’ve been known to have everything that’s needed to capture a session, setup and running in less than 90 minutes.

How Many People Does It Take to Operator a CapturePro™ Capture Station?

Just one. We’ve spent over 4 years developing our proprietary hardware and software and we’ve specifically designed our solution to be intuitive and easy to operate effectively, by just one person.

What if Our Presenters Want to Switch Laptops Between Presentations?

No problem. You can switch laptops as often as you like. Because our capture system is receiving a copy of the signal that’s going to the projector, all your presenters have to do is disconnect the previous laptop and reconnect the next one.

Are Your CapturePro / Live Editing Stations Manned And Operated Throughout Our Event?

Answer. Our trained and certified operators actively record and edit each session as it happens. They’re also operating the HD video camera as needed which often includes following presenters who like to walk, around the room.

What If We Want To Add Custom Branding During The Live Editing Process?

We can do that. We’ve added small logos to the lower right or left corner of the screen during the recording and editing process. We’ve also added things like pre and/or post roll bumpers, pre-recorded media, lower thirds, customized backgrounds with a 3D picture-in-picture layout and more.

Can You Upload The Finished Content For Us?

Yes absolutely. Uploading is always included at no extra charge.