Provided by Others:
• (2) 6′ production tables
• (2) Chairs
• 115v power run to our tables
• Wired internet run to our tables

Provided by Hybrid:
• 720p or 1080p HD webcasts
• Embeddable live video player for primary or backup viewing (some clients want to deliver to Social as primary)
• Included bandwidth of 1TB per 1 hour of live broadcast time
(additional bandwidth will be billed at $900 per TB, in 1TB increments. Hybrid Cloud’s backend will be the sole determinate of bandwidth consumed)
• A trained Hybrid webcast engineer on every job (available with union card if required)
• Hybrid Analytics powered by Google Analytics – analytics data may not be fully available post event until up to 24 hours afterward. Analytics data includes:
-Total users (viewers)
-Total sessions
-Operating System
-Service Provider
-Screen resolution (mobile only)
-Avg session duration
-Bounce rate