Leveraging the power of the Capture Pro content capture solution, our client went from barely breaking even, to netting over 6 figures.

Their premise was simple: “We can make more money with a different approach.”

Their approach centered around two key factors:
-Their event content was both valuable and in demand
-They had thousands of prospects who wanted to attend, but many of whom would be unable

Using creative pre-event marketing they created a whole new revenue stream from the non-attending audience.

So what did they do?
-Hold a conference.
-Capture the content
-Create a little exclusivity and mystique with some positioning and marketing.
-Sell the content online

Using a simple, but effective marketing plan, they created excitement about their event, speakers and session topics.

Then, they limited the size of their event and charged a substantial registration fee, reinforcing the value of their content. With a maximum of 100 attendees and the promise of great content, the event sold out. With high demand and perceived value, many people believed they were missing out. After selling their event out, our client began selling online access to videos of the entire event, at 1/3rd of the cost of attending in person. They continued marketing this online content during their event by posting testimonials of event attendees raving about the conference.

This resulted in over 300 people purchasing the online content. Our client doubled their gross revenue and quadrupled their profits.

This same event, held the year before, barely broke even and they even considered not doing it again.

This time our client got it right. Smart positioning and well designed marketing enabled them to achieve very significant financial results with minimal additional effort.

To learn how Hybrid Events Group and our Capture Pro solution can help you capture and monetization your next event, please contact Drew Bischof today at:

(530) 517-5700

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