Barbri Videographer Information

Please note:
A) These instructions were written with extra detail especially for those unfamiliar with Macs.
B) There are many important details that must not be overlooked. Therefore…please *read* all of the below steps.

Startup & First Time Connection Procedure-

  1. Plugin your laptop power supply and connect the MagSafe 2 end to the laptop (left side of laptop, at the screen hinge)
  2. Keep the laptop powered OFF. If you’ve already powered it on, please first power it back off before proceeding (Note: powered off does not mean closing the lid).
  3. Find the Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter in the Pelican case and connect it one of the Thunderbolt ports on your laptop.
  4. Connect your internet (ethernet) cable to the adapter.
  5. Plug in the Thunderbolt cable (found in the Pelican case) to the remaining available Thunderbolt port. **Note that each end of the Thunderbolt cable has a small lightning symbol on one side. The symbol always faces up or faces the top of the device it’s being plugged into.
  6. Plug the other end of the Thunderbolt cable into the Blackmagic Mini Recorder (found in the Pelican case). **Note that each end of the Thunderbolt cable has a small lightning symbol on one side. The symbol always faces up or faces the top of the device it’s being plugged into.
  7. **Note** the above steps must be done with the laptop powered off. Powered off = NOT asleep but rather, totally powered down.
  8. Connect your camera’s SDI or HDMI cable to the appropriate port on the Mini Recorder.
  9. Power your camera on.
  10. If possible, set your camera’s external display output to 720p HD 59.94 fps. If 720p is not possible it needs to be 1080p 29.97. If neither is possible please let Hybrid support know so we can discuss options with you. *Note that it is highly preferred that your camera be set to output 720p as it puts less strain on the laptop to not ingest and downscale a 1080p signal. Many cameras have separate menu controls for the external output resolution that are different from the record resolution settings/controls. Please refer to your camera’s users manual if you’re unsure whether it is capable of outputting 720p.
  11. Power on the laptop (power button is in the upper right corner of the keyboard, you only need to press it once lightly – no need to hold it down) and login to the HEG-RXXX user account (where XXX = the 3 digit number of your laptop as found on the white sticker in the upper right corner of the laptop’s keyboard). Your password is the number of your laptop (found on the top right side of the keyboard, small white sticker) and the word hybrid. For example: r002hybrid (all lowercase)
  12. Ensure that the WiFi is **off** (very top of screen, right side, Wifi Symbol – click the symbol)
  13. Open Chrome (icon is in the dock).
  14. If your internet is working, you should see a page load similar to the image below. If the page does not load or says ‘No’ in large letters, then double-check your ethernet connection and, if necessary, contact Hybrid support for further assistance.

    “Is My Internet Working?” Test Page
  15. Next go to and run at least (2) complete speed tests and note the *average* upload speed. (you’ll need to ballpark the average in your head – if you’re unsure, run several more tests until you have a solid sense of the currently available upload speed). It is *critical* that you always have at least 10 MBPS upload speed available. Anything less will jeopardize the webcasts.
  16. Open the Mac’s System Preferences pane. This can be done two ways. 1) By clicking on the little Apple symbol in the far upper left corner of your screen (see Image #1) or by clicking on the System Preferences icon in the doc (see image #2). The icon is the grey colored icon that looks like a gear.
    Image #1

    Image #2 grey icon, far right in screenshot
  17. Next navigate to the lower left corner of the System Preferences pane. You will see a small square green symbol that says Black Magic. Click to open the Blackmagic Desktop Video Pane.

    System Preferences Pane – When Open
  18. Click the round button/symbol in the center of the Blackmagic pane just underneath the text: UltraStudio Mini Recorder.
    Blackmagic Pane When Open

    A window will open (see image #3). Click the symbol of the video port you will be using (HDMI or SDI) then click the Save button in the lower right corner of this open pane. Next click the red X in the upper left corner of the remaining Blackmagic pane, then click the red X in the upper left corner of the System Preferences pane. (Note: you will only need to choose your video port on the Blackmagic Mini Recorder one time)

    Image #3
  19. Navigate to the dock at the bottom of the screen and launch CapturePro by clicking the Hybrid logo (when you mouse over the app it will say “CapturePro”. The pre-configured production file that we created for you, will load automatically when the app opens. (see image #4)
    Image #4 – CapturePro Logo is far right in screenshot

    Select the Camera shot in the master layer by a single left click. (just 1 click – please do not double click. (see image #5 below)

    **Double clicking will open editing windows that often end up behind the main production window. These editing windows eat up system resources if they remain open. To check for open editing (or other CapturePro) windows, simply minimize (See also Other Notes: D below) the main production file window. If you see other open windows, close them by clicking the Red X in the upper left corner. This can be done even when broadcasting live.

    You should now be seeing live video in the large program window (center of production file window aka CapturePro screen).

    Image #5
  20. Verify that the Docker menubar icon (shown in the figure below) has stopped animating, and that the Streaming server booting… message has changed to Streaming server booted.—meaning that the streaming server is fully initialized and ready to receive a stream from CapturePro.

    Docker menubar icon (animated while the streaming server is initializing) and Streaming Server Booting…/Booted status message (takes about 10-20 seconds longer than this animations shows)
  21. Assuming you do see live video in CapturePro and the Docker menubar icon is no longer animating (the two steps above), you are now ready to begin broadcasting. Simply single click the Stream button in the upper left side of the CapturePro main production window. (see image #6)
    Image #6 – Stream

    The small light (left side of the Stream button) *might* flash for a second while CapturePro connects. Once the light stops flashing and remains solid (nothing should be red or orange) you are now sending video to the streaming server.

    Please check the upper right side of your screen to make sure you see:

    1. 30 FPS
    2. Less than 50% CPU (its not uncommon for the CPU % to run 10-25% higher than “normal” for the first 5 minutes or so, then it will often “settle in” lower for the duration of the broadcast)
    3. Between 3,000 to 6,000 kbps data rate (this can vary wider than 3-6k but that’s the normal range when encoding live video with movement, adequate light and a reasonable amount of color)

If everything looks good from the step above, happy broadcasting!

Other Notes:

A) Please immediately notify Hybrid Support via text message or email (you can use if you see more than brief intermittent CPU usage above 70% and/or when the CPU % indicator flashes (turns) Yellow or Red in color in CapturePro. Consistent or sustained Yellow or Red CPU%’s indicate that there may be a problem. This needs to be addressed promptly by Hybrid Support (this is very unlikely but is something to keep an eye out for).

B) Please do NOT make any modifications to the Laptop, OSX, Firmware, Software (do not install any updates), Wirecast / CapturePro (including editing shots, encoder profiles, changing audio sources, etc). These encoders are highly customized and setup to exacting specifications based on many years of webcasting experience. Modifying anything on these encoders WILL jeopardize the reliability of your webcasts. If you believe a modification or change needs to be made, please first contact Hybrid Support.


Ongoing Daily Setup & Broadcast Checklist:

(With the laptop completely powered off)

  1. Repeat steps 1-14 above, and then skip to steps 19 & 20.
  2. As soon as you are set up (at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled broadcast start time), begin broadcasting by single clicking the Stream button only. Please DO NOT hit the record button in CapturePro.
  3. We do *not* recommend that you monitor your live webcast using a browser on your laptop. Please monitor on a different device. We also do *not* recommend monitoring the live stream using the internet connection at the live broadcast location, unless the internet connection speed is at least 50 MBPS up and down and as long as there are not also, multiple other people on the same network / internet connection already watching. Please also note, any monitoring of your live webcast (monitoring for technical purposes as opposed to students who actually need to watch) causes additional consumption of bandwidth which does increase the cost to Barbri.
  4. After your session has concluded please stop your CapturePro encoder (single click the Stream button. You may then close CapturePro by single clicking the Red X at the top left corner of the CapturePro window.
  5. Close Chrome.
  6. Lastly, the laptop runs vital maintenance scripts every time it is rebooted, so please power your laptop completely off before leaving for the day. Click the Apple symbol in the far upper left corner of your screen then click Shut Down.

Gear Inventory:       (You should have received each of the below items. Please immediately notify Hybrid Support if you did not)

  1. (1) Pelican Air 1485 case with inserts
  2. (1) 15″ Retina Macbook Pro with 85w MagSafe 2 power supply
  3. (1) Blackmagic Mini Recorder
  4. (1) Thunderbolt Cable
  5. (1) Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter
  6. (1) USB to Ethernet Adapter

We recommend using Google Chrome to view all webcasts. Click Here To Download Chrome

Support Information:

For urgent concerns, please call or text first rather than emailing.

Voice Call or Text Message Support (preferred for anything urgent)
(808) 268-4322 — Drew, Technical Support

Text Message Support via Messages app
For videographers, as an alternative to texting from your phone, you may use the Messages app on your Hybrid laptop (MacBook Pro) to text us.

Send messages to:

  • (808) 268-4322 for Drew

Email Support (non-urgent)