Barbri Support

Hybrid Support:

We recommend using Google Chrome to view all webcasts. Click Here To Download Chrome

Support Information:

For urgent concerns, please always call or text first rather than emailing.

Voice Call or Text Message Support (preferred for anything urgent)
(541) 731-5374
— Jedidiah, Primary Support
(808) 268-4322 — Drew, Backup Support
* Please try Jedidiah first, before calling/texting Drew.

Text Message Support via Messages app
For videographers, as an alternative to texting from your phone, you may use the Messages app on your Hybrid laptop (MacBook Pro) to text us.

Send messages to:

  • (541) 731-5374 for Jedidiah
  • (808) 268-4322 for Drew

Email Support (non-urgent)


Receiving Location Recommendations:

• Use the current version of Google Chrome for playback ONLY! We cannot stress this enough. You must use Google Chrome when viewing the webcasts. Our streaming technology was designed around it.

• If you receive an error saying that the stream appears to be offline when the page loads, this is most likely because the streaming location has not yet begun broadcasting. The player will automatically retry connecting to the stream until the streaming location begins broadcasting. There is no need to manually refresh the page.

• If your stream freezes after it has begun playing…simply wait for it to begin playing again.
It *will* begin playing again and it will pick up exactly where it left off.

• Please do NOT refresh your browser if the stream freezes after it has begun playing. Doing so will cause the video player to resume at the current live location, rather than the point the stream was at when it paused.

• If you should experience a freeze and wish to rewind once the stream has begun playing again (it may be easier to rewind 30 seconds or so to remember what the lecturer was saying when it froze) you can simply drag the scrubber at the bottom of the video player back a short distance. This is called DVR functionality and it is built into our technology.