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5 Keys To Reliable No Stress Live Streamed Events

When it comes to internet video, and live streaming in particular, stuttering and buffering frustrates everyone, and it’s too common. Reliable webcasts are achieved with proper planning and knowledge which enable you to ask the right questions and procure the … Read More

MPI Forecasts Rising Costs Meetings 2015

Thanks to rising costs, limited guest room availability, and shorter lead times, 2015 will be a “challenging” year for meeting planners, predicts Meeting Professionals International (MPI), which yesterday published the fall edition of its quarterly “Meetings Outlook” report. “The newest installment … Read More

Case Study: How to Make Your Next Event Significantly More Profitable.

Leveraging the power of the Capture Pro content capture solution, our client went from barely breaking even, to netting over 6 figures. Their premise was simple: “We can make more money with a different approach.” Their approach centered around two key … Read More

When it Comes to Rich Media, There is No One Size Fits All

When it comes to rich media, there is no one size fits all. Unfortunately, many of the so called, “solutions” available, make the one-size-fits-all approach seem like the only option. And many of the largest vendors in this space don’t … Read More

Android Device Playback Support Recommendations

Android device support for web video has been a difficult issue for Android users throughout the history of the devices and across the OS versions. We’ve spent extended amounts of time testing many different approaches for supporting the broadest range … Read More