Android device support for web video has been a difficult issue for Android users throughout the history of the devices and across the OS versions. We’ve spent extended amounts of time testing many different approaches for supporting the broadest range of Android devices and we’ve learned a lot about this complex issue along the way.

Unfortunately there’s no easy, one solution fits all approach.

The good news is, there are many people hard at work on this issue and one in particular is currently leading the way. JW Player. Based on our latest round of testing, we’ve determined that the latest version of JW Player, version 6, currently provides the broadest support for Android device web video playback. As such, its our current recommendation to our clients that, if supporting the Android platform is a significant concern, that they utilize JW Player 6 when delivering their rich media. We also recommend that end users utilize the native Browser app on their Android devices and NOT use third party browsers.

We’ve created several examples showing how JW Player works including how it works when clients want/need to create multiple chapters in their content. Here are examples of a short 4 chapter playlist using JW Player 6.2 with the list to the right of the video player and another with a 4 chapter playlist with the list underneath the video player.

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