We Turn Live Events Into Hybrid Events

Via Live Webcast, On-Demand Recordings or Both

The only real-time solution for turning conferences and meetings into web-ready videos. Using our proprietary CaptureProTM System we digitally capture your presentation materials, combine them with HD video of your presenters and then edit everything live, right there, during your event. You’ll have your finished videos before you leave the venue.

“There’s no waiting for the finished product!”

Our Team

Drew Bischof

Founder & CEO

Drew Bischof is the Founder and CEO of Hybrid Events Group. As an entrepreneur and tech expert, he is a pioneer in the hybrid and virtual meeting and event solutions field and is passionate about helping clients realize the promise of hybrid meetings and events. He loves his family, the ocean, Maui and NASCAR.

Jessica Bischof


Jessica and Drew are partners in business and life. With years of experience, including working in management in one of Hawaii’s largest accounting firms, Jessica is an accomplished financial professional. Jessica is a certified nutritionist and the founder of Simple Steps Nutrition. Jessica and Drew have three children and live in Redding, CA.

Martin Eason

Director of Operations

Martin is our Director of Operations, he oversees many of the day-to-day activities of the company, keeping everything running smoothly, coordinating our regional team Leads and Operators. Martin also manages our website and social media. A true Georgia boy, he loves college football especially the SEC and the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Jeremy Napier

Senior Production Manager

As Senior Production Manager, Jeremy ensures that our client events go smoothly and their expectations are exceeded. Jeremy oversees our field production including the implementing of our Capture Pro solution, Webcasting, and Event AV. Among his talents, he’s an accomplished field production pro, is the Worship Director at Hope Chapel and has the voice of an angel. He lives on Maui with his wife Beth and their two children, loves coffee, Apple computers and Star Wars memorabilia.

Brandon Buchanan

Solutions Engineering Director

Brandon oversees our Solutions Engineering Team while also serving as a Regional Team Leader. Brandon’s creativity and enthusiasm ensures our customers will always have cutting edge solutions that are designed with their needs in mind. Brandon is also the founder of the web design company thebrightwork.com. He and his wife Kristen, live with their three children in Northern California.

Geoff House

Product & Sales Manager

Geoff operates as the lead point of contact for product sales and rental services. Geoff ensures the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs and objectives. He is passionate and partners with our clients to guarantee quality relationships and events. Geoff being from Nebraska is a die-hard Huskers Football fan. He currently lives in AZ and enjoys Crossfit and triathlons.

Our Story

Drew Bischof, Founder and CEO of Hybrid Events Group, is an AV and events industry professional and creator of the breakthrough content capture solution, CapturePro by Hybrid Events Group. He’s often asked, how he got into the business. Funny they should ask…it’s an interesting story.

The short answer is…by accident. Literally.

Working as a consultant in the earlier days of the internet, a client one day asked Drew if he could get a bunch their conference video online. This was back before online video was mainstream. Having never attempted such a thing but being a person who loved a challenge, he readily agreed. A short time later his client was thrilled that he’d figured it out.

The client, impressed that Drew had made his online video look as good as it played and vice versa, then asked if Drew could help him film their next conference, turn it into online content and sell it. Having never done anything more than shoot a few home videos but sensing his client had confidence in him, Drew tentatively agreed. And that is how the business, originally called Live Event Video Productions, began.

Soon Drew found himself filming conference after conference. Technology conferences, marketing conferences and more. Having heard about the success he’d created for his original client by incorporating a virtual component and creating a hybrid event (this was a very new concept back then), new clients came calling quickly and he found himself and his new company in demand. At this point, he quit his consulting work and jumped in head first.  Not bad for a guy who’s never been to film school, and doesn’t have a degree in a related field.

A few years later, sensing that a new technology called Relia-Cast (aka webcasting) had significant potential, he began to experiment. He quickly realized that live streamed events had real potential the same way selling conference content online did. Believing he could help his clients achieve success with live streamed events, he added webcasting to his service offerings.

One day, at the end of an event, a client (who incidentally did not live stream this particular event) expressed a thought that went something like this: “Drew, we love your event production work and we love the online content you create for us, but can’t you find a way to create the content faster?” At first his reaction was, “No”. Video production (filming conferences in this case) had always been a two step process. Film, then edit. But later, he got essentially the same request from a different client. Then one day it hit him. He’d been experimenting with some cutting edge video and technology tools intended for a completely different purpose, when he realized there might be a way to use them to create the solution his clients were asking for. That’s how the CapturePro solution was born.

In the years since then, Drew and his team have become industry experts in a number of major areas of hybrid meeting and event technologies. Today, Hybrid Events Group is proud to have Intel Corporation, Meeting Planners International, IEG, HP, eBay, Veeam Software & MTV on our growing list of valued clients.

Will you be next?


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